What will limousines be like in 100 years?

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20 Nov What will limousines be like in 100 years?

Limos are at the top of the food chain when it comes to luxury rides. Modern advances in automotive technology have made it possible for limos to be fitted with top of the range features. Already, BMW is boasting top-line features such as carbon core construction, e-Drive hybrid tech, and gesture control in its centennial 7-series. And this is not by any means to say that other automakers have been left behind. If we look at 100 years in the future, Limos will be unimaginably advanced.

  • Driverless Limousines – what will limos look like in 100 years? Well, you can expect to see chauffeurless luxury machines cruising the streets of Melbourne and other cities. And here’s the best thing – driverless technology is already in the making. Google Chauffeur is conducting tests, and the results are encouraging. More so, the UK Department for Transport recently published a code of practice for driverless cars testing. So it’s only reasonable to imagine that in 100 years, driverless car technology will be nothing less than perfected.
  • Flying Limos – how about getting into a flying limo and jumping to your wedding venue while enjoying a nostalgic chat with your closest friends? Ever since Henry Ford displayed his experimental Sky Flivver, the fascination with flying cars never really went away. We see it every day in movies such as Star Wars, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Fifth Element. Flying limos might not be as large as their ground counterparts, but they’ll be able to accommodate at least a couple of people in airborne luxury. The issue is just going to be managing the flow of traffic in the sky, and the infrastructure required to do so.
  • Evolved Design – in the automotive industry, every age is characterized by its own design qualities. The design is largely inspired by available technology, imagination, politics, economics and user experiences. In the 1920s, we saw a design age marked by art deco. Today, the focus is already being put on in-car technology, diagnostic tools, and other connectivity-based features. No one knows for sure how limousine design will be after 100 years, but it’s no doubt that there will be some futuristic limos straight out of the sci-fi movies.
  • Fuel Consumption – Petroleum has been around for 156 years now, and it’s done a lot to facilitate worldwide industrialization. But the situation is gradually changing. Stakeholders are looking into alternative renewable energy sources that can be implemented. And how will this affect the future limo? Luxury vehicles of the future will be relying on hybrid energy options, including electric, solar, and perhaps even biofuels such as Hydrogen (which NASA is already using in its space programs).
  • Intelligent Systems – Limos of the future will be installed with intelligent systems that will make them super easy for occupants to interface with other people in real time. There will be software to predict traffic jams before they even happen, and advanced systems to personify the experience to the tastes and preferences of the occupant(s).
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