The worst advice we’ve ever heard about weddings

21 Jan The worst advice we’ve ever heard about weddings

The wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Little girls dream about their wedding day and little boys think about that magical kiss that seals the deal. It’s an exciting day not just for the bride and groom, but also for their friends, family, and associates. It’s a big day. But as much as you know everything about how you want this day to unfold, there are various misconceptions and wrong advice that you should distance yourself from.

  • Luxury costs more – few people want a hushed up, silent wedding ceremony. You want to make sure that this becomes a nostalgic day for all the attendants, and that means you have to dig deeper in your pockets. Or do you? One of the worst advice you’ll hear about weddings is that luxury costs more. With the right planning, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your wedding event phenomenal. It’s the simple things you do beforehand that will play out on this special day. For instance, hiring a wedding limo can provide a feel of glamour while at the same time keeping money in your pocket. Contrary to common misconception, hiring a limo is much more cost-efficient that renting a bunch of small cars to ferry your important guests.
  • You can budget for everything – this is some of the worst advice about weddings that we’ve heard. Weddings are expensive affairs, by all means. You’re going to have to spend money on the gown, the venue, the caterer, the officiant, the photographer, and a lot of other things. Of course, you can budget for most of these things. But there will be that sudden expenditure. You might need your dress to be altered for the 10th time, or you might decide last minute that you need that Hummer Limo instead of a Chrysler stretch, and this means spending a little bit more. As a rule of the thumb, have some extra money on the side to cater for unexpected expenditures and emergencies.
  • Time is on your side – don’t let anyone tell you that time is on your side. A wedding entails so much planning, and there are a lot of things that need to be done. You have to schedule, meet, call, send invites, budget, re-budget, etc. If you have just a month or so to do all this, you might find that something goes wrong somewhere. So keep in mind that now is the time to go over your planning list, rather than wait till the last minute. Shop for the gown, book your wedding limo, interview caterers, and look for a suitable venue well in advance.

If you want to plan a successful wedding, don’t let the wrong advice hold you back. Keep in mind that not everything will go according to plan. There might be little setbacks along the way, and you need both the time and money to iron them out. This way, you should have no problem realizing your dream wedding.

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