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Looking for top quality hummer limousines so you can make a profound entry into that meaningful event or occasion? At Melbourne Limo Hires, we provide the best service in town. Our members of staff are passionate about what they do – adding shine and colour to people’s lives. Our clients range from wealthy individuals in town to ordinary people who’re looking to create lasting memories from events that have a significance in their life. All our chauffeurs, who are provided at no cost to you, have been trained to provide a discrete, professional service.

Whatever event or occasion you’re planning, you can count on the #1 hire company in town to provide top-of-the-range rides that will have all eyes turning your way.

INCREDIBLE OPTIONS                              

Our Hummer fleet is made up of new H2 stretch limos that are spectacular both on the inside and on the outside. Enjoy complete luxury as passers-by wag their tongues about the sheer elegance of this powerful vehicle. Each H2 is a flamboyant machine that’s been fitted with all the bells and whistles you might need to make the best out of your special event. These include a set of 26” chrome wheels, smoke machines, TV sets, chrome option parks (including a chrome rail and chrome sidebar), colour-changing lights on the undercarriage, disco balls, laser lights, butterfly doors, LCD message board, karaoke machine and three fireplaces, among many others.

We have been in the limo hire business for quite a long time, learning from both our successes and the shortcomings of our competitors. To make sure that our offer is a cut above the rest, we couple this ride with top-notch service that you won’t get anywhere else.


Our exclusive fleet is all-weather, portraying an upmarket and high-toned atmosphere about your personality regardless of the event. Most of our customers get these limo hires for the following types of events:

  • Weddings– make a grand entry into your wedding venue with this stretch Hummer. Your wedding happens to be one of the most important days in your life. You definitely want to make lasting memories and well as impress guests so that they’ll be talking about it for a long time coming. On this once-in-a-lifetime day, you want to leave nothing to chance, and our H2 hire sets a new standards for ‘luxury wedding ride’.
  • School Balls – school balls are a significant day for college-goers. They mark a significant stage in the academic ladder. Want to outshine everyone else on this special day? What better way to create that ‘wow’ moment than to bring the exclusive Hummer hire from our company?
  • Hens Night – your Hens Night is particularly a memorable day where you celebrate your freedom prior to jumping the marriage rope. You want to impress all your girls and make sure that they will be talking about this day whenever you meet again in the near future. Our chauffeurs make sure that all your guests are picked and dropped anywhere in the city of Melbourne. Once you have had the best fun in your pre-marriage life, the chauffeur makes sure that you get back home safely!
  • Social Functions – social functions are mostly about class. Showcase the best side of your coin with a classy Hummer limo. Earn the respect of attendees and be the one person anyone wants to know more about. It’s the real deal.
  • Corporate Functions – what better way to add a sense of power and authority to your corporate events than to have top-of-the-range luxury rides ferrying your guests. Attract the good press that your business needs, and impress your employees, business partners and other stakeholders who mean a lot in your line of work.
  • Concerts– are you an artist? Make a grand entry into your performance venue with our exclusive limousines.
  • Birthday Parties – if you need a Limo for your next Birthday Party, get in touch. Sometimes, you deserve a taste of luxury. You work hard through the year, you deserve a memorable treat during your special days.

Whatever the kind of event, our fleet is the best you’ll get in town, so you can make that dramatic impression that lingers long after the event itself!


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Our Hummer Limo hire fleet comes in different colours, including a premium black and pure white model. We know that in the style industry, colours indeed do mean a lot. Black is the colour of power and authority. It symbolizes style and timelessness. It’s thus perfect for high-profile events where you just want to make a lasting impression on other attendees. If you’re planning on ferrying a number of foreign guests from the airport to a business venue, this is also a great choice. The auto’s interior has all the earmarks of luxury, featuring a fine-polished custom design that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

Our white limousine hire is summer cool. White is perceived to be the colour of purity. It’s also a dominant force in the fashion industry. This classy ride will work well on a wedding, outdoor social events, or just about any other occasion where you want to make your presence felt in a spectacular way. Different-colour limos are perfect for different situations.  Once you come to our showroom, you’ll be able to choose the best colour based on the kind of event you’re planning for. But if you’re not able to isolate your preferred classy limousine from our wide fleet, our staff will be available to offer specific tips based on your requirements. All the same, Melbourne Limo Hires makes sure that your classy ride is taken care of so that you can focus on your event and its fun.


Our Stretch Hummer Luxury Limousine can fetch at least 18 people with total ease. Fully equipped with bars so that a drink will never be too far out of reach! Rather than hire numerous sedans, get one comfortable, flamboyant ride that’s as unique as you are.