Rock the Party ‘Limo’ Style

A limo is one great way to add pomp and color to your party, whether you’re looking to host a birthday, bachelorette or prom party. We have an exotic collection of ultra-luxury limos that’ll have tongue’s wagging and eyes turning your way as you roll in to that special party.

Our fleet extensive fleet is designed to provide maximum comfort, and make a lasting impression from both its interior and exterior. Each luxury vehicle is chauffeured by a highly trained, professional and friendly driver. This way, you can have all the fun and enjoy all the drinks without having to worry about driving home safe.

What if the party will last a couple of days? No problem. When you book in advance, we make plans to provide your preferred ride for as long as you need it. Indeed, we have daily, weekly and monthly rental plans available to our customers. And just so to make sure that the cost is friendly on your party, we calculate based on a simple usage and mileage formula that excludes the chauffeur’s compensation.



  • Celebrate With the Gang

Parties are more fun when you can enjoy the experience with your friends. Our limos are a better option when you have a larger gang. Easily accommodates up to 24 people.

  • Multiply The Fun

A limousine can take your celebration more fun. Your guests will remember the enjoyable ride for a long time coming!

  • No More Parking Hassle

It often happens that you keep on searching for a parking spot outside the venue that you miss on the fun inside the party. With our Limo Hire services, you don’t have to worry about parking or anything inconveniencing for that matter.

  • The Party Starts Where It Ends

There is another party that you get to attend after your main party – in the limo itself! Our rides come loaded with beverages and essentials, with LCDs, mini bars, loud music and many more.

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  1. Specify the number of people accompanying you.
  2. Enter the date and duration of the booking.
  3. Add your personal details such as Name, Email Id, and Phone Number.
  4. Press the “Give Me My Quote Now” Tab


Make priceless memories with our exclusive limo hire services.

Feel free to give us a call or drop a mail for further enquiries on our services!