Chrysler 300C Limo Hire

At Melbourne Limo Hires, we are proud to present to you the city’s finest Chrysler limousine. This is a top-of-the-range ride that can ship 11 passengers in magnificent luxury. And just to make it even more spectacular, our Asanti edition 300c Chrysler limousine has been retrofitted with a number of advanced features for your extreme comfort and satisfaction. These include an indoor fireplace, Melbourne’s first and only airbag suspension that lowers right to the ground, Lamborghini doors, Karaoke, PlayStation 3, 3 LCD TV’s, stretch rear doors for easier access, a Smoke machine, an integrated sound system, laser and fibre optic lighting. 

All your events in style

Our spectacular Chrysler 300 limousine personifies the best of class and style. With ample space for up to 11 people, this ride gives you an awesome start for any event. Bold, elegant exteriors will have heads turning your way as you make your entrance to any events venue, and the stunning interiors will make an unforgettable moment for your guests, friends or family who accompany you in the ride. If you’re looking for the ultimate vehicle to set the mood high at the start of your journey, the Chrysler will do it for you. Most of our customers for the Chrysler limo for hire Melbourne book it for events such as:

  • Weddings – your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment. Many people are willing to do whatever it takes to make their weddings (and those of their loved ones) as memorable as possible. One of the best things you can do to make the wedding start on a high note is hiring a unique Chrysler limo to ferry you to the venue. And since we have a variety of these beasts available, you can ship the bride, groom, and an unlimited number of guests all at once. Of course, a fleet of luxury venues making an entry at a wedding venue would make eyes roll and set expectations high.
  • Corporate launches – are you looking to launch the next product in your company? You might want to make your event high profile by hiring a luxury Melbourne Chrysler limo. Attract local media and have invited guests brought in a fantastic limo.
  • Private parties – whether it’s a birthday party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, anniversary or any other private event, our Chrysler limo hire will do it for you. This magnificent ride has been equipped with industry leading entertainment features so you can have some fun even before the party starts. So you can now make every second count on that special day!
  • School parties – school parties are important because they mark the end of a stage of life, and symbolise the start of a new one. You probably have spent a number of years attending the same school with your close friends. At the end of the school year, you know you’ll most likely go different directions. A great part is the best way to honor the moments you have shared together with your buddies. Get a classy limo hire and make an impression on that special high school or college party.
  • Fashion events – if you’re making an attendance at a fashion event either within or outside the city, a limousine is one sure-fire way to boost your profile. Attract attention by riding to the venue in Melbourne’s most advanced and spectacular luxury limousine.


No shortage of fun activities

With 3 LCD TV’s, Karaoke, Play Station 4 and a Smoke Machine, there’s no shortage of fun activities to engage in. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate launch or any other events, you can have another unique party on your way to and from the party. The entertainment system in this powerful ride has been thoughtfully designed to match your precise needs. And since none of you have to worry about driving (a top qualified chauffeur is on the wheel), you can party, dance, play and drink without any limitations. Make your most important events meaningful and memorable, because life is made up of moments!

The limousine of choice

The Chrysler fleet has been the limousines of choice for high and famous around the city. Both inside and outside, this special vehicle is truly breathtaking. You have full control over the entertainment features from the back, as the chauffeur works to safely deliver you to the venue of the event. You can personally set what mood you want to create for the occasion and have the music as quiet or loud as you like.

Affordable Luxury

That ‘limos are expensive’ is one of the most common misconceptions that customers have about our service. Our Chrysler limo accommodates nearly a dozen passengers. You’d probably need to hire about 4 or 5 luxury SUVs to ship the same number of individuals to your important event. That means you’d have to pay for up to 5 different rental cars. Often, we have seen that the cost of doing this actually exceeds the cost of hiring a luxury limo. So you can ditch those misbelieve that a limo is too costly and unlock maximum fun as you make your way to the event. Our chauffeurs are highly trained professionals who ensure that you safely arrive at the event venue, and guarantee safe arrival at your residence after the event is over.

Book a custom ride!

Whether you’re looking to hold a bachelor’s party or take an out-of-town Saturday break to a country winery, our Chrysler limousine will do it for you. This vehicle has been built for both the city’s streets and the freeway. You’ll enjoy sightseeing and you can have the chauffeur pass via certain neighbourhoods so you can pick more of your friends along the way. We make sure that each limo has been further fine-tuned to your requirements. For instance, you might want us to further decorate a limo that will take the bride to the wedding venue. You can also hire for a number of days based on your specific needs. So go right ahead and book in advance to enjoy extreme luxury today!